Birdie’s Birthday Wish List

1.  A flat stomach. (Also on last year’s list.)        

2.  A trip to look forward to. (I’m pretty open on this as long as Gerald and I don’t have to make too many decisions concerning said trip. We are the poster couple for “Trip Challenged”.)

3.  An anti-dust/grime wand. ( I once wished for elves who would come in at night and clean my house. Something went wrong–I apparently got the elves who mess things up overnight.)

4.  To be photogenic.  (I recently saw a photo of myself on a friend’s Facebook page.)

5.  To be taller. (About 5′ 8″) (Just wish I were. That’s all)

6.  A sense of balance. ( I used to have one. I know it came with my original equipment, but maybe because I didn’t show enough appreciation, it deserted me. Probably off somewhere sulking.)


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