Birdie’s Muse

Lounging in the chair across the room, she cancels me out with her cat-eyed glance, then begins smoothing her nails with an emery board. In silence, she says, “Not interested. Not my problem. I’ve had other offers.”


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  1. At least you have a muse, even if she has an attitude! My muse seems to have severed our long term relationship, and is basking on a beach somewhere in the Bahamas, sipping coctails garnished with small umbrellas and thumbing her nose at me. She has left me here in the winter cold to fend alone. After all these years, she has dissed me. I muddled along without her, though, and turned out a few pretty good poems for the Christmas packages, so there….pfffffffttttttt!

    So, Birdie, my advice to you, while yours is still at least sitting in the room… her, dine her, do what she wants, or she’ll be vacationing in warmer climes before you can say “proseweaver.”

  2. I have read almost all of your story’s and they are hilarious. Have you ever thought of getting published in your local paper? That is how the author of “Bridges of Madison County” got his start before his 1st fictional book became a best-seller / movie. He tried writing a second fictional book, the optimum word here being “tried”, and let me just say he failed miserably. So he went back to his roots and published his 1st non-fictional book based on his newspaper articles, and I must say it was a great read. It was very similar to your writing style. I would describe your style as folksy wisdom with humor. Great to read before going to bed because you are not anticipating what will happen in the next chapter because each chapter is it’s own story. You should really try. I have been blessed with being published and I am currently writing a book on my 25 years in politics. Must un-bury all the bodies I know that are either 6 ft. under or behind several locked doors. For example, a Governor who has a sexual assault against a minor charge against currently in a holding pattern in the Child Protection Service Agency. There is a saying in politics, “the only way to totally ruin your political career is to be caught with a dead woman or live boy (meant for the men in politics really, but it is an OLD saying).” So let me just say it was not a dead woman, in this case. However, please take my idea into consideration. I would be the first to line up and buy a copy.

    • Thank you for that encouragement. You are the first to suggest it. At least the first not a relative or close friend. Not sure I have the stamina to write a book. Maybe if it was just a collection of stories. I will let this thought simmer and see what comes of it. Your comment is a welcome Christmas gift.

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