Birdie’s New Year’s Resolutions

Birdie couldn’t remember ever keeping any of the New Year’s resolutions she had made. She had fizzled out on all those committments intended to make her a better person–never followed through with the intentions that would transform her into a wonderful individual. She had a sneaking suspicion that the Good Ship Wonderful had already sailed. In fact, it had probably sunk. “I’ve been going at it from the wrong direction,” thought Birdie. “Maybe I should just grab a good book, relax in a deck chair on the SS Birdie, and enjoy the cruise.”

Birdie’s NEW New Year’s Resolutions

1. Stop feeling guilty about not making my bed. Just because my mother always made hers doesn’t mean I have to make mine.

2. Go ahead and dump those perfectly good leftovers. I can either throw them out now or put them in the fridge and throw them out two weeks from now.3. Lay off trying to brush the knots out of the dog’s coat. She doesn’t like it. Just give her a buzz cut every summer. She doesn’t like that either, but who cares? She’ll get over it. I’ll give her a rawhide bone.

4. Quit wishing I could live up to some “storybook grandma” standard. I hate baking cookies. I’ll buy Oreos.

5. Burn all crafting supplies and make room for my journals and notebooks. I am never going to make a quilt. So what?

Bon Voyage! And Happy New Year!


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  1. So maybe it might be okay to get rid of my grandmother’s large, comfortable, functional couch that has been part of my life for 48 years, and part of my home for 23. That could be a resolution–to abandon all–or at least some–sentimental attachments to things that belonged to the people I love who have died. There are things that can be reminders of those people, and there are things that just clutter up a life and a house; clung to with a desperate feeling that hanging on to the thing keeps the memory of that person near. I know that my couch is NOT my grandma. I know that she would probably not care one bit if I gave it to someone else. Letting go of the couch will NOT be letting go of her memory or her love.

    My New Year’s Resolution is to stop being so darn sentimental about ….things.

    Thanks, Birdie, for the liberation!

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