I’ll Have Mine With Relish

It was already 10:30 a.m., and Birdie hadn’t done anything useful yet this morning. Unless you counted going to breakfast with her friend, Averyanne. Actually, part of their conversation had been about that very thing– about what qualified as useful. Was there a universal scale on which one could weigh something to see if it was necessary or unnecessary? Was having breakfast with a friend as important and valuable as staying home and catching up on the laundry, for instance? Birdie understood that everyone was allotted so many minutes every day, and each person had to choose how they were going to spend those minutes, but what was Birdie willing to trade her time for?

Birdie had heard theories about living each day as if it were your last. It was supposed to enable you to see what was really important so you could re-align what you considered necessary. It caused you to relish the moment. “I’m all for relishing,” thought Birdie. But if you did manage to wake up tomorrow, and you hadn’t done the laundry, you were then faced with wearing dirty underwear. Birdie figured it might be a bit harder to do much relishing while wearing dirty knickers. When it probably wouldn’t matter if you wore dirty underwear to your own funeral. If it really had been your last day, that is.

The clock was ticking. Time to quit relishing and do the laundry.</a



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  1. It is hard to find balance in today’s world where we work so much. This weekend I have to finish cleaning out my garden, clean my car – I’m driving a group of co-workers to a training session on Monday, laundry, my floors are dirty, etc. And I will have another week without a new blog post. Tomorrow I would love to hang out here and relax, but have to travel to see my Mom, take her to brunch and visit with my sisters. So if the car is dirty on Monday that is just the way it goes.

  2. Choices Choices. I always choose time with friends and pretty much everything else over chores. Which is why I am constantly behind and hoping no one drops by unexpectedly.

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