Who is Birdie?

Birdie = Paula J (just not as pitiful)

My daily journal entries had become one “woe-is-me” tale after another. When I would re-read them, I felt the need to write a disclaimer at the beginning of each entry telling my children that I wasn’t really as much of a sad-sack as my writing made it seem. What if I died and my kids started going through my journals? I could imagine them saying, “Mom should have been on medication.”

Something had to be done. So, I decided to begin writing my journal from the third person point-of-view, and that’s how Birdie came to be.

She’s much better at poking fun at me than I ever was.


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  1. Great idea – thanks for following me – I really like your concept and amazingly you even made me smile this morning – this MORNING – before 9 am!! So this necessitates a follow methinks…

    • I didn’t used to very often. Just was interested in what the blogger had to say. I thought I’d never have anything to put on a book jacket. You know, something like, “Paula J left behind the rigors of the professional ballet dancer to pursue writing her memoirs about her time at Woodstock and her little known affair with one of the most famous Nobel Peace Prize recipients.” Then I got involved with a writers’ group that introduced me to tag lines, branding, etc. That’s when I started reading other bloggers’ About pages to see how they handled it. I rewrote my own and now I’m much more interested in everybody’s About pages.

  2. Clever idea! If I had such a blog, it might cut down on those sideways did-Mom-just-say-that looks that seem to fly when we–me, husband and 3 adult daughters–get together. They don’t even have the courtesy to wait until I’m out of the room to question my sanity.

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