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Birdie and her Pet Elephant

imageBirdie believed that one of the hallmarks of growing older gracefully was the ability to embrace change. And since there was no good alternative to growing older, then she wanted to do it gracefully. The hitch in the plan was that she had never done anything gracefully that she could remember. So maybe, she would just have to grab change in a big, old, bear hug and squeeze it till it cried, “Uncle.”

Birdie knew you couldn’t avoid change. When you’re growing old, change is the elephant in the room. You might not want to acknowledge it, but it’s still there, right in the big middle of things, making you squeeze past it to go about your daily routine. It will crush things you thought were valuable and irreplaceable in the process of trying to make a place for itself. And it will produce lots of by-product.

“The irritating thing about change,” thought Birdie, “was that it hardly ever gave you a warning.”

Not one that you were intuitive enough to recognize, anyway. So it always seemed to loom up out of nowhere, expecting you to put on your boots, hitch up your pants, and head out to unfamiliar territory at a moment’s notice. It required a bit of spontaneity.

“I can be as spontaneous as the next guy,” mused Birdie. “I just need a little advance notice.”

Turning on a dime was not in her bag of tricks. She could turn, but she needed a much larger coin to do it on. Something like a silver dollar.

“But change she would,” decided Birdie. “Change was sometimes necessary, change could be good, and change was inevitable.”

“Besides,” she thought, “if you’re going to have an elephant in the room, you might as well have some fun with it.”